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Medieval bridges and steps

Pinard Bridge and Minimes Bridge :


The Armançon River :

The Armançon River appears as a symbol of the city. Sometimes calm, sometimes turbulent, some important floods have occurred. The meander formed by the Armançon gives Semur-en-Auxois its defensive characteristic. Today, the level of the Armançon is regulated by the dam of Pont-et-Massène. The river continues to flow in the department of Yonne, and ends in the river of the same name. The river has its source in the Auxois, more precisely in Pointe des Maillys, between Essey and Thoisy-le-Désert. The river’s name comes from the Celtic word aar, which means stream, river. As the proverb goes : “The Armançon, bad river but good fish”.

The steps :

The Fourneau steps link Chaude street, neighborhood for wine-growers and market-gardeners in the Middle Ages to the keep, passing under the Gate Cycogniers. So, take a rest, did you count 141 steps ?

The Poterne steps link the Rempart walk to the Tanneries street, located on the river’s bank. Look up and you will see some old dryers.

Finally, the Vierge steps, are located just before the gate of the same name.