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Town walks and gardens

The town walks were constructed following a wish to design some beautiful and pleasant areas. Already in the XVIIth century, people thought that it was important to enjoy agreeable areas where they could breathe good air and fight against pollution.

The Quinconce : its creation is linked to a desire to improve the roads between the city and the outskirts in 1784. The mayor asked for authorization to create a walk which would join the roads in the direction of Montbard and Avallon. This town walk was finished in July 1789.

The cours Charles de Gaulle : it is located along the street which continues from the street Liberté, in the direction of Les Laumes and Dijon. Its establishment started in 1685, and it was first necessary to level off the ground. Two rows of limes were first planted. ;

The urban landscape of Semur presents a large number of gardens, which testifies to the important of soil utilization since the Middle Age.

The presence of those gardens give Semur its rural aspect since the gardens are easily visible, many of them established on terraces, especially behind the Vigne street, Bourg-Voisin street and also behind the chaume Pertuisot. Those terraces were constructed in the XVIIth century and some of the gardens became located against the fortifications, when they lost their defensive characteristic. There are examples of gardens located close to the bourg Notre-Dame and close to the castle. Along the Armançon, you can also find some beautiful gardens especially along the bank Baudon where we can admire what we call the “jardins ouvriers” (workers gardens).

This landscape is also enriched by a common heritage because most of the gardens are enclosed by old walls, sometimes made of granite.