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The Land of the Auxois-Morvan in Côte d’Or

The land of the Auxois-Morvan in Côte d’or includes 10 communities, and its’ goal is to improve the cohesion of the actions made by the local authorities.

In dialogue with the developing council which gathers members from the civil society, the “Syndicat mixte du Pays de l’Auxois-Morvan côte d’orien”, preside by Patrick MOLINOZ and composed of representatives elected by the 10 communities, decides how to proceed. Those actions follow the national strategy, based on the principle of sustainable development.

Those actions, from Montbard to Liernais, or Sombernon to Saulieu, help the land of the Auxois-Morvan to support the employment, the local authorities as well as the associations.

Pays de l’Auxois Morvan Côte-d’orien
13, rue de l’hôtel de Ville 21350 Vitteaux
Phone. : 03 80 49 65 00
web site :