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Perched on its hilltop, Flavigny-sur-Ozerain is a small medieval village. It is classified as one of the 100 loveliest villages in France.

We are in northern Côte d’Or, in the Auxois region, close to the ancient town of Alésia. Perched at an altitude of 421 meters on a promontory at the tip of a limestone plateau, Flavigny, its walls and rooftops dominate a green, hilly landscape. The Ozerain, Brenne and Verpant rivers run at the bottom of Flavigny.

A heritage waiting to be discovered

Flavigny is well worth a visit : discover its gates and fortifications, the architecture of its small businesses (tanners, oil manufacturers, millers, tin potters, glassmakers, weavers and wine-makers), the bay windows of its ancient shops, its bourgeois residences with staircase turrets, its streets and narrow alleyways, its squares, and much more. Not to mention the peasant and ecclesiastical worlds with Saint-Pierre Benedictine Abbey (719), the parish church of Saint-Genest (11th and 13th centuries), the Ursulines convent (1632), the Dominican novitiate established by Father Lacordaire (1848) in the former Auxois bailiwick as well as the hotel of the Marquis de Souhey, governor of Flavigny, currently the headquarters of the Saint-Joseph-de-Clairval Benedictine abbey.

A gastronomic stop at Flavigny

Discover the anis of Flavigny and its shop

Discover the vineyard of Flavigny/Alésia

Discover the Four Hours barn where farmers will offer you some local products.

Discover the textile house and the botanical garden

Text from the web site of the “anis de Flavigny”