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Witness to a rich history and a deep spiritual heritage, the basilica Sainte-Madeleine, perched on the “eternal hill” in Burgundy, dominates a village which has kept its ramparts, its gates and its covered way.

With the relics of Marie-Madeleine, Vézelay became during the XIth century aa important place of Christendom as well as a start point for the pilgrimage toward Saint-Jacques de Compostelle.

The basilica, monument of roman architecture, dazzles with its admirable proportions. When you arrive inside the basilica, a surprising light will catch your attention and gives to the edifice an incredible scope. The capitals and the three tympanums create a unique whole by their quality and their message.

Vézelay, classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO, is a living sanctuary and attracts pilgrims, artists and visitors from the whole world.

To visit :

ZERVOS Museum – house Romain Rolland (collection of contemporary art)

House Jules-ROY – writers’ house

Museum of the Oeuvre – Viollet-le-Duc (roman sculptures)

House du Visiteur (slide show, models)diaporama, salle des maquettes)