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The archaeological and natural site : in the forest, a town.

In the second and first century BC, at the end of the Iron Age, a large Gaulish town stood on Mont Beuvray. Surrounded by ramparts, Bibracte was the capital of one of the most powerful peoples in Gaul, the Aedui. It is here that Vercingétorix was proclaimed head of the Gaulish coalition in the year 52 BC. It is also at Bibracte that Julius Caesar completed the writing of his “Gallic wars”.

The museum : an exceptional architecture

Constructed in 1905 by the architect Pierre-Louis Faloci, the museum presents the archaeology of Bibracte which revives thanks to objects discover in the digs, models, restitutions, audiovisual. The permanent exhibition is being renewed in two steps, spring 2011 and spring 2012. The Chaudron : restaurant to discover the gaulish cooking in an unusual place. An experience to share with the family to discover the archaeology on the cooking side !

The best way to discover Bibracte : the Gaulish day (24€) with a guided visit of the site, a ticket for the museum and a meal at the Chaudron. Reservation : 03 85 86 52 40.

Bibracte Museum : Mont Beuvray - 71990 St Léger sous Beuvray. Open every day from March 12th to November 13th 2011, open between 10am and 6pm, and until 7pm in July and August.

Phone : 03 85 86 52 35 – –