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Rock climbing

The Rock of Charrat at Semur-en-Auxois

Location : Access to the city of Semur-en-Auxois, 18 km away from the Rocks of Sainte-Catherine, highway exit n°23 (Bierre-les-Semur). In Semur, at the start of the path Charles De Gaulle, turn left, continue until the sewerage plant, and park your car. By foot, go over the bridge and go along the river Armançon on your left.

Michelin map n°2922 O (série bleue)

Climbing ways : the 20 different ways are located in a meadow along the river Armançon. They are about 15 meters high and offer various difficulties from 3+ to 6b. This site is consequently ideal for supervised groups.

Good idea : the tourist office sells a rock climbing guide which explains both the site of Charrat and the one of Sainte-Catherine. It is edited by the community of the Semur area and is sold for 5,50 € with a map. The tourist office can also send it by the post.

The Rocks of Sainte-Catherine at Vieux-Château

Location : access to the city of Vieux-Château, in Côte d’Or (21), 250km away from Paris by the A6 highway, exit n°22 (Avallon). From Vieux-Château, at the village’s exit, follow the direction of Toutry, take the road on your left and follow the sign. The rocks dominate the River “Le Serein”.

Climbing ways : the site is separated in 9 zones :

  • La tour penchée : 3 ways
  • La tour de guet : 6 ways
  • Les grandes dalles : 8 ways
  • Le grand Dièdre : 5 ways
  • Le Mur : 9 ways
  • Les petites dalles : 9 short ways
  • Le bastion : 16 ways
  • L’Amont : 21 ways
  • Toyodalle : 5 short ways located 2km away by foot (20 minutes), on the right bank of the Serein.