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The Auxois shire horse

The Auxois shire horse is the descendant of the Burgundian horse, which lived during the Middle-Age.

The shire horse is a crossbreed, of the XXth century, with a horse from the Ardennes, which explain the likeness between those two breeds.

Today, the only crossbreeding allowed are the ones made with the large horses from the Ardennes, and also with horses from the North.

The shire horse is high , between 1,60 and 1,68m at the withers, with a weight which varies between 750 and 1 100 kg.

He possesses a short and light head, with a large forehead. He is very muscular, especially his neck, arms and forelegs.

The shire horse is a calm, relaxed and cooperative horse. Resistant and powerful, this horse is used for forest logging and for agricultural work. His power is highlighted today in competitions or leisure harnessing. His good temperament makes him a good choice for equestrian tourism.

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