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Epoisses cheese

The “AOC” Protected Designation Origin

The AOC cheese is available in 2 categories : L’Epoisses 250g and the Perrière Berthaut 

L’Epoisses 250 g

The cheese dairy BERTHAUT was born in 1956, with the traditional Epoisses 250 g. In 1991, the Epoisses obtained the Appelation of Origine Contrôlée Epoisses of Burgundy, hen Epoisses in 1999. Its fabrication technique is very specific and particularly complex : the milk, stemming from qualified producers, undergoes a slow clotting. Then the hooping is made with care to allow a good drainage. A patient re-wiping precedes the maturing of about five weeks, during which the cheese receives manual and individual care, two to three times a week, with water loaded more and more with Marc de Bourgogne. Its rind then slowly takes on a beautiful red-orange tint. Its aroma is rich, its flavours stay sweet and subtle.

Le Perrière Berthaut
Large by the size, approximately 850g, and by the fame, the Perrière BERTHAUT also has the Appellation of Origine Contrôlée EPOISSES. It is sold loose. It is made according to the same caracteristics as the Epoisses 250g and because of its size, it is matured for approximately six weeks. Its packaging combines common sense and high technicality. According to the good old principle of our ancestors, the cheese cover protects it from the outside aggressions, preserves its ripening conditions and favours the full development of its flavours. It’s one of the essential links in the quality chain of the loose Epoisses.

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