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la tour de l’orle d’or - musée de la société des sciences

Tour de l’Orle d’Or

La plus imposante des tours, la tour Lourdeault ou de l’Orle d’Or, haute de 44,30 m, avec des murs de 2,50 m d’épaisseur à son sommet. Cercle de métal qui ourlait c’est à dire ornait la tour et brillait comme de l’or. Orle vient du mot ourlet. La fente date de 1602, lors du démantèlement du donjon et de ses courtines.

"Visit the tower 

Discover the 5 floors of this sensational building, also headquarters of a society named “Société des Sciences historiques et naturelles de Semur-en-Auxois”. Inside, you will find a museum with a gallery room, a technological collection, a library and a conference room.

In 2010, after being closed for a long time, the basement of the Orle d’Or Tower once again became accessible. The Sciences Society helped greatly in the reconstruction of its landing stage, where the sentinels were situated. This historic place makes clear the medieval role of the tower, which was difficult to understand after Henry IV ordered the demolition of the keep following the construction of the Joly Bridge.

Opening hours 

Visits : afternoons in July and August. Close on Monday. Rates : 3 euros, free under 18 years old. Open on some weekends in May, June and September.